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Commonly asked questions, answered.

Hearing FAQs

A noise reduction rating (NRR) is a method for measuring the value of noise reduction by different types of hearing protection. The ratings are measured on a scale of 0 to 30, with 30 being the best. All of the different types of hearing protection we carry at All About Ears, LLC, are highly rated.

If you are experiencing sound cutting out from your hearing aid it could be the battery. Try replacing the battery with a fresh one and turn your hearing aid back on. If the problem still persists then bring your device in for a check-up. We can troubleshoot most hearing aid problems in-office.

No. Hearing aid wax guards vary in size, just like your hearing aids can vary. Depending on the type and style of hearing aid you have, we will recommend which wax guard will be best suited for your device.

Tonal tinnitus is the most common type of tinnitus. This is when you hear a ringing, whistling, or other sound in your ears on a constant basis. While there is no cure, hearing aids can help alleviate the symptoms of tonal tinnitus.

Hearing aids for hunting, also known as hunting protection, are designed to allow you to hear the soft sounds of your environment while protecting your ears from the loud impact blast of your rifle. A gunshot decibel can range anywhere from 140-190 dB, which is incredibly dangerous for hearing. You may experience ear ringing after shooting a firearm or even permanent hearing loss. We carry professional grade hearing protection for hunters to keep your ears safe. 

Hearing aids are now incredibly advanced and durable. However, sometimes an issue can arise. The most common problems with hearing aids are often the result of a dying or weak battery. Changing the battery usually addresses most issues. If your hearing aid is still not providing the right sound quality, bring it in and we can address the problem.